Gatecrasher Birmingham On Fire? Don’t Worry Birmingham’s Club Of The Year Is Still Here & Still Fully Intact!

If you saw the 15 fire engines, 7 ambulances and 3 police cars outside of Gatecrasher Birmingham last night, don’t panic we’re still here and are still open for Birmingham’s biggest weekend nights including Supersonic Vague with Adam Ficek Tonight, and Dave Spoon, Oliver Lang & More on Saturday 26th March

Last Night, Gatecrasher Birmingham worked alongside West Midlands Fire, Ambulance & Police to create a multi-agency training session where over 90 GB Staff, 6 volunteers and 30 fire fighters took part in a simulated search and rescue operation which was located for the first time ever within a club venue in the West Midlands Area.

The club was used to create a simulated live emergency and volunteers and GB staff were asked to act as staff members and customers of the venue, with some being asked to play the part of a ‘victim’. The fire brigade and GB’s management and Door Team’s job was to get them all out safely and which proved to be a very successful operation.

Simon Raine MD said “Gatecrasher take the health and safety of customers very seriously and to be a part of one of these unique opportunities to be involved in a simulated live emergency is a great opportunity not only for the fire brigade to train within a fully operational venue, but for our staff to gain experience in dealing with emergencies within the venue and how to manage them safely

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